Kawasaki Ninja-H2

The Ninja H2. After Ninja H2R exploded at the Intermot show in 2014, Kawasaki announced the road legal version of Ninja H2 at the EICMA 2014 show. Ninja H2, which was announced as the only supercharged motorcycle in the world with hyperport, was developed in collaboration with the Kawasaki Automotive Division of Turbine and Aerospace Division



° Displacement 998 cc

Maximum Power 197.3 Bhp @ 11,000 rpm

Maximum Torque 133.5 Nm @ 10, 500 rpm

No. of Cylinders 4

No. of Gears 6

° Seat Height 825 mm

Ground Clearance 130 mm

Kerb/ Wet Weight 238 kg

Fuel Tank Capacity 17 litres

‘ Top Speed 300+ kmph


Ex-Showroom Price (Delhi) Kawasaki Ninja H2 is priced at Rs. 29,00,000 (Ex-showroom Delhi).

0n-Road Price (Delhi) The approximate on-road price of Kawasaki Ninja H2 is Rs. 32,45,000 in Delhi (including RTO + Insurance).

Type Superbike

Status Available

Official Tagline Built Beyond Belief

Shades Mirror Coated Black




Engine Displacement 998 cc Maximum Power generate 197.3 Bhp at  11,000 rpm Maximum Power with RAM Air 207.1 Bhp at 11,000 rpm Maximum Torque 133.5 Nm at 10,500 rpm Engine Description Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, in-line four, DOHC, 16-valve Cooling Liquid-cooled Fuel System Fuel injection: 50mm x 4 with Dual injection Ignition Digital Lubrication Forced lubrication, Wet sump with oil cooler Compression Ratio 8. 5:1 Bore 76 mm Stroke 55 mm . No. of Cylinders 4 Power-to-weight Ratio 827. 73 BHP per tonne Torque-to-Weight Ratio 560.92 NM per tonne Specific Output 197.39 BHP per litre Intake System Kawasaki Supercharger



No. of Gears 6

Clutch Wet-Multi Disc

Gear Ratios 1st=3. 188, 2nd=2. 526, 3rd=2.045, 4th=1. 727,

5th=1.524, 6th=1.348 Primary Reduction Ratio 1.551 Final Reduction Ratio 2.444 Final Drive


Front Brake Dual radial-mount, opposed 4-piston calipers, dual semifloating 330mm discs

Rear Brake Opposed 2-piston calipers, Single 250mm disc

Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)


° 0-100 kmph 2.5 secs Top Speed 300+ kmph


Tachometer Analog Trip Meter Digital

° Odometer Digital

Fuel Gauge Digital


Frame/Chassis Trellis, Hightensile steel with Swingarm mounting plate

Caster Angle 24.5 °

Trail 103 mm

. Steering Angle 27° (Left), 27°



The strange thing you noticed goes on a trip for the first time on a H2 ride. Before we start the engine will extend longer than most new motorcycles. Downtime, as if you are not interested in this mode of operation, you are using a groaning voice. For certain lights, information can not be displayed on the LCD. If you are 6 feet 2 like me, your hands are under the knees like a sprinter and are ready to leave the block. A non-essential clutch features a powerful lever and excellent control.

There is also an ECO mode. If the butterfly’s idling is almost unbroken, a small icon will be displayed. This shows the most effective bicycle operation as it is not worth saving the planet in a motorcycle equipped with a 190 hp supercharged engine.

“In life, there is nothing more amusing than a quick change in the position of the throttle of this bicycle.”

I rarely confess to ride my bicycle with the ECO icon. But at partial throttle the engine will jump from time to time, thrilling, groans or cough, if you face the open way, do it with H2, but there is nothing to devour. And there is more fun than anything in life than the sudden change in throttle position on this bike. Apply full throttle with the second or third gear and the power and acceleration of the explosion will have the ability to understand the meaning of such movement. Supercharger whistle and Twitter and Twitter, you control the throttle when you ride, rolling deeply, it makes the most of it, it causes the motor to intentionally use it.

ZX-14R? Hayabusa? fur. Soil, yes, but somehow feeling sluggish and less mobile. H2 is very sharp. Scoring this problem from the line is the only way of living. Well, this is a wonderful way to live, especially with this grip sensation. But it is also surprising that the waltz up to 8000 rpm in the third, the two bars showed a dash (you think so, anyway), increased, and a big for ohmygodisthat 132 mphbeforemyne ​​xtbreath Open roll it back!

Yes Yes Yes.

2015 Kawasaki Ninja H2

Quick shift Fourth note without clicking rolling, click on this slick transom dog ring, note that the inlet temperature sensor «boost» is in the range of 250 degrees with the maximum increase of 20.5 PSI, the whole You need to bake chicken and certain varieties Hawk, in a very short order. Even if you add a little liquid smoke, it is tasty. After-sales service, we will talk with you.

“H2 looks like an embody of a dark creatures robot and shines with shining green blood “

Conditional entry fee In the case of the 2015 model (conditionally, all H2 were sold last year), such a motorcycle is not. I was ready to depart, the disappointment of the H2 specification is much higher than the H2 specification because the $ 50,000 H2R specification is much higher in terms of power (310 lb. hp) and weight (49 lb. pound) than this street bike No pure and cruel experience conditions. Perhaps there is no disappointment for those who have money for one, as the 2016 model is expected to be announced, but at the time of this writing no official announcement was made




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